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I am an E-Shopper.
The stores in this mall are where I shop!

I've never been a mall shopper. I used to be a catalog shopper and then the Internet came along. I love the convenience of not leaving my house or being confined to specific hours to shop!

Now after years of e-shopping, I put together my collection of quality shopping bookmarks.

Family and friends constantly ask where I found this or that, so I shared different shopping bookmarks with them. They, of course, wanted to avoid putting in the time I spent searching for 'just the right thing', so I thought "why not put it online, where it's helpful to more e-shoppers".

HomeGardenMall.com is the result.

I arranged the stores by both category and by merchant for your convenience.

I also provide my own editorial comments about my experiences with the stores. Your experience may vary.


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