All Natural Edame Snacks by Eat Your Heart Out!


Eat Your Heart Out!

Airy gourmet freeze-dried fruit and vegetable snack foods created from the finest ingredients carefully chosen from seasonal harvests - with no fat, no cholesterol, no preservatives or chemical additives. With every crunch, crunch, crunch, know that you are eating something that is healthy and delicious!


Eat Your Heart Out! - Apple Cinnamon Wedges - Freeze Dried - All Natural Eat Your Heart Out! - Peach Wedges with Mango - Freeze Dried - No Cholesterol

Eat Your Heart Out! - Indian Spice Green Soy Beans - Freeze Dried - No Chemical Additives Eat Your Heart Out! - Salsa Green Soybeans - Freeze Dried - No Preservatives Eat Your Heart Out! - Sweet n Sour Green Soybeans - Freeze Dried - Low Calorie



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